Australian Army

*********** PLEASE READ THIS ***********
******* Group Rules and Conditions ********


Be aware this is NOT the official Australian Army page. That can be found at

This page is made up of Past and Present Veterans, Past and Present Defence Personnel and People wishing to be part of Australian Defence. It is not a place to sell Shoes, Phones or Porn.

It is also NOT the place for white supremacists, racists, threats, religious bigots or as was termed in the military “god botherers”. These are your beliefs and may not be the beliefs of others.

Discussions are fine as long as they remain factual and do not discriminate or vilify individuals or group. (Be aware military personnel have a habit of "taking the piss" so don't take anything to heart)

Before joining this page your profile is checked, if it cannot be checked, we cannot surmise your intentions and thus approve any request to join.

The page is monitored by admins, and as such posts may be deleted without notice.

And as the Army says, and we will say it.


But unlike the military, You are free to leave at any time!