Dr Insano for president in 2028

Dr Insano will be running under the democratic party with running mate Fu Manchu. His campaign promises will include but not limited to:
1. Creating a giant robot saw and cutting Canada off of the top and stapling it to Australia so they will both quit bugging us
2. His as of yet not completed orbital laser space station which he will use to destroy stuff
3. The creation of Obedience Domes
4. Those fail to report to the Obedience Domes will be publicly executed
5. A growth in economy due to the high ticket prices of the public executions
6. The ability to see your lost loved ones as they compete in the zombie gladiatorial stadiums for 19.95 after they fail to report to the obedience domes
7. Return of dinosaurs which you can see live in the zombie gladiatorial stadiums for 19.95
8. Anti magic field generators for every supervillian of a magic powered super hero
9. And continued growth of SCIENCE OF COURSE!