Islam needs to be EMPHASISED

t is quite unfortunate the way we (Muslims) make fool of ourselves & our religion, thereby creating chances for others to make mockery against our religion & all that is associated with it.
I personally see it as illiteracy for someone kidding with anything that has to do with Islam & it irritates me seriously. :&
Why should a muslim make a broadcast that the month of Ramadan was mistaken, that it is supposed to be next month? gasp emoticon
How on earth can the moon be hijacked or bombed by anybody? upset emoticon
Do we ever imagine how others define Boko Haram? unsure emoticon
They see it as every muslim, they regard all qur'an recitation particularly heard in public from mobile phones as Boko Haram, all Arabic spoken ring tones are also Boko Haram & lots more.
Pls why can't we be serious with our religion for once?
It is quite annoying the way we define ourselves. frown emoticon
Please let us all stop these mockery and be serious with our religion.