Petition to reduce car insurance for young drivers(sending to PM)

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As a young 20 year old female, I find it very hard to insure a decent enough car to get to work every morning, especially when it doesn't start in the snow!! I lose my no claims when I slipped on black ice early last year, and now I can only get crappy bangers(that don't start anyway) I need my car to work..and I work to pay my car, it's one big fat circle. If you have the same trouble on insuring a decent car, add this group and invite your friends!! I'm going to write to the PM to complain and try and get car insurance reduced for under 30's.Thanks has come to my knowledge as people keep telling me, the pm has nothing to do with insurance companies..but I'v gota start somewhere and get contacts,,going to the local mp's first, so please keep posting your ideas and opinions but no more' this group is stupid' because someones gotta do it and we all have to start at the bottom!! thanks :D