Adalta CC

Adalta is a new cycling club. Established as a club in 2011.We provide members with a fresh, stylish and modern approach to club cycling and racing .

The club exists both locally and we hope nationally when fully established in the cycling community. For those wanting to race under a club with a strong emphasis on road racing and time trialling whilst wearing some stylish high quality kit, then Adalta should be tempting you. If you just want to be part of it all anyway, you are of course very welcome to join and ride under the Adalta colours anyway.
Adalta is a play on words from the Latin phrase “ad alta” which means “to the summit” in English. To the summit is the tag line around the collars of all our club kit.

Chairman – Sam Hocking
Treasurer- Ken Jones
Club Secretary- John Beggs

Mens Race Team Captain- Wayne Beba
Womens Race Team Captain- Jo Smith
Press officer- Nick Saunders
Club Sponsor- Tim Ramsden
Accounts and Club shop assistant-Roddy Archibald