Glasgow DJ Gear & Vinyl for Sale/Trade

A place to trade your unwanted DJ Equipment & Vinyl.

only 3 simple rules:
1) NO SPAMMING - No promoting events, bands, mixes, releases, pod-casts, radio shows, products, services or similar. Spam (even once) and be permanently banned from the group.
2) PUT A PRICE ON IT .... (or it will be deleted)
3) NO MULTIPLE POSTS of same product: remove old one first or just bump it up ... (or newest post will be deleted)

Tips for posting - The same questions come up again and again so when posting add the following info:

1) A decent description of the product (age, condition, included items, licences etc)
2) A picture of the product
3) Your location and whether it’s for collection only or if you are willing to deliver
4) Price
5) Whether it’s for sale only or you are open to trades.

Although this is for private sales only, Glasgow based retail shops can post a max of one item per week.

Please leave two days before bumping up your post. If you bump more than once in a day your post will be removed. Do this repeatedly and you will be removed from the group.

Don’t hi-jack someone else’s sale by posting your own ad in their thread, it’s just rude and will be removed.

Please delete your advert when item is sold.

Be aware that this forum is heavily moderated due to the large number of members and posts. This is to keep the group running as well as it does. If your posts or comments are removed the chances are you broke the rules. Don’t get all uppity about it; just read the rules and post again.

This place is great for help and advice but please keep on the topic or your posts will be deleted.

Finally…. no racist / sexist / homophobic or abusive posts.