I'm Single Because: the civil war story between Black men and Women

This is where the convo begins! This group is dedicated to the documentary film "I'm single because" which discusses the alleged "civil war" between black men and women. Does it exist? If so why and how can we fix it? Let s go!

ISBC rules and guidelines

Rule #1 (The MOST important rule of ISBC) No disrespect towards other members. No fighting words or calling out other members of ISBC. From this point forward if this rule (especially calling out or fighting words) is broken I WILL kick you out of the group

Rule #2. No porn or pornographic images

Rule #3. Absolutely no spam (ever)
Also when it comes to Ads or promos please just contact me before posting them.

The mission of this group is to end the disconnect between African American men and women by putting us all in one place with the goal of coming out of here with more knowledge about ourselves and the opposite sex. This is where we stop talking about each other and start talking to each other