German Shorthaired Pointers


The mission statement for this group has always been: "For anyone with a love for German Shorthaired Pointers, including breeders, owners, hunters or admirers with a desire to PRESERVE the breed." That means that the focus is on discussion - whether it is about learning about the breed, the history, what the breed excels at, dealing with behavioral problems, training issues or health questions, and other related breed topics. There is no real place that allows for open discussion of the breed that can reach so many people with a wide variety of experiences.

The page admins are: Christine Zucker Swanger, Ann Spiegel, Sierra Milton and Jocelyn Everest Bellefeuille. If you don't like our rules, please leave - we are not a democracy and majority does not rule.

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Due to problems seen in the past, you must not block any of the admins. If you are found to be doing so, you will be removed from this group.

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Please PM any kennel and trainer recommendations as it is not possible for the admins to ensure that breeders/kennels/trainers being recommended are meeting the groups requirements regarding health testing.

Please check the files section at the top of the page - there is a list of OFFICIAL THREADS - please go here first if you have a common question. We only want one thread on certain subjects!!!

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