2620 Terre Haute Crew

This is our 2620 Terre Haute Crew accountability page. Welcome to the team! We will be starting a new 30 day cycle on September 13th, 2011. Starting on September 13th we will post what workout we do each day. If you are just walking every day that is fine just be up and moving. If you need a program message me as we have a full range of workouts available. We also use Shakeology every day which is an awesome tool that has helped Marsha and I lose a combined 110+ pounds in just over 8 months! Message me for info on that if you are interested. I will post a link for you to make a daily entry into a food diary as well. This will help you keep better track of what you are actually putting into your body! We aren't here to kill you we only want to help you get better. With that said we are going to have accountability partners for this 30 day cycle! So get with me as soon as possible so I can make the groups!