Block Burnin Couponers Nationwide

Block Burnin Couponers NATIONWIDE is based out of Charlotte, NC. The founder and creator of this group, Pamela Baron Gregory started Block Burnin Couponers Summer 2013 in hopes to assist families in saving money and to give back to the community. Pamela joined a movement #AJO which allows Pamela and BBC to feed and provide necessities for at least one family per month within the group. This family is recognized as the #AJO family. BBC and Pamela B Gregory were recognized by the Charlotte Observer (Local Newspaper and one of the largest media outlets in Charlotte,NC) and other notable print publications in their efforts of coming together to fully furnish, provide food, clothing, and other necessities to a family of 5 children who lost their entire home in a fire.

BBC is known for finding the best deals and reigns supreme at having one of the BEST CHRISTMAS' within the coupon world! Staying as close to the penny is what makes this group so successful! BBC Nationwide welcomes any and everyone. This is a couponing community where we are here to share deals and help one another save money all while paying it forward one family at a time! A HUGE announcement is coming for the future of BBC Stay tuned and WELCOME!!!