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Welcome to our Wealth Creation, Financial Prosperity and Business resource forum for the marketplace leader, where we share divine insights, ideas, tips strategies and tactics for helping Christians to create wealth.
We are passionate about connecting God’s people to God’s resources for God’s purposes.

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► Monday
~ Accountability Monday
1. Introduce yourself
2. Share a Business or Ministry Development Goal for the Week
3. Give an Account for your goal last week

► Tuesday
~ What Can I You Do for Me?
Share Your Business Opportunities

► Wednesday
~ Get Unstuck
1. Share a challenge you are facing
2. Use your expertise to help forum members get unstuck.

► Thursday
~ Blog Commenting
1. Share a link to a blog that you would like group members to comment on this has to be completed by 12 pm on Thursday.
2. Comment on the blogs of the 3 people above you. Like and share them to your social media platforms as well. (If you are the first two people in the list, you comment on the last to blogs in the list on Friday morning).

► Friday
~ Book/Resource Sharing
1. Share a book you've written or read that is highly relevant to the forums vision or the members of the group. You can also share a resource you have created or have found useful as well.

Please feel free to post any post that will actively help promote the vision of the forum, non related posts will be deleted.


# 1. 7 Pillars of Wealth Creation.

# 2. Write and Publish Your Book in 5 Easy Steps

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