South Mesa Wives

Here are the simple rules: (It may seem like a lot, but bear with us.)

~*~IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN THE GROUP, PLEASE MESSAGE ONE OF THE ADMINS~*~ and let them know that you are, indeed, a spouse living in South Mesa 1 or 2. Thank you.
(Residents of nearby housing areas are more than welcomed to join our group, so long as their reason for joining is not to cause drama, whining, and advertising your business on days other than Friday.)

-No Drama & No Bashing
-Please Remember OPSEC
-Advertising businesses will be on FRIDAY ONLY. One post per person/business. This also includes advertising other pages and advertising for parties you are hosting. i.e. Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, Passion Parties, etc. If you want people to order from you party, make it only on Fridays. If your party falls after said day and you post, it will be deleted.

-FRIDAYS ONLY you will now be able to advertise your garage sales for the upcoming weekend, we only ask that you do not post a picture with your post. If people begin to inquire about what items will be at your garage sale then feel free to do this through private message. We are trying to keep this page from becoming another resale page. Once the garage sale is over, please remove your posts or admin will. Thanks for your cooperation! :o)

-Fundraiser Monday's. You can now post about any fundraiser that is going, on MONDAY ONLY!

- You will be deleted AND banned if you start drama on this page. Any sort of threat towards another person will also be removed from this group.(this goes for furbabies too) Please treat others with the same respect you would want in return.

**DOG POSTS** The complaining about dogs in this group has gotten RIDICULOUS. We've stated before that the only dog posts allowed, are those from people who found dogs wandering around their neighborhood and want to find their rightful families.

**Since we have constant "offenders" when it comes to rule breaking, we've decided to just remove members without warning. I know to some it may seem excessive, but as many of you have stated, this group is VERY GOOD at keeping drama out of here. We'd like to keep it that way.

**Venting is also a no no! There are other groups on FB for that kind of stuff. Please go find one via the "Search Bar" above.

**If you'd like to ask a question for, or need advice from your fellow group members, but don't want to ask yourself, please feel free to message one of the admins, and we will ask for you, ANONYMOUSLY. (this excludes dog posts or drama posts. We won't post anything that has to do with either of those things. (unless it's a picture of a very cute furbaby.) lol)

*We are not "changing" the rules, we are simply explaining them a little better. Thank you all, for your understanding.

~FEEL FREE TO ADD OTHER CP WIVES (Or wives moving out here soon.) ♥

If any issues please contact the admins of this group
Admin: Ashley Boardwine
Admin: Leti Web
Admin: Jenna Boutwell