Willard, MO Swap~Shop~Sell

This is a place for Willard residents or those who are in the area to buy, sell, swap their items. Items wanted are also allowed. Job services (small business, firewood, farm help, etc.) are allowed.

No inappropriate conduct, or vulgar language will be tolerated. Please treat others as you want to be treated. If you have problems contact admin for the group.

Please be considerate to others. If you are buying something and something comes up, let the seller know so they can decide whether to hold it (which is their decision) or offer it to the next person. No messaging the seller and no shows are cause to have you banned from the site! Please let Admin know if you have no shows they will NOT be tolerated!

Use albums for pics when possible, or try to stay under 4 pics a day (you can put as many as you want in your albums). One bump of a post per day. ONE PIC PER POST-Put additional pics in comments to avoid site overload. Posts will be deleted if not done this way as of 3/5/15
Arrangements must be made for an item w/in 24hrs of an item wanted or the seller has the right to move on to the next person wanting the item.

Pets/animal posts ARE allowed, but please screen your buyers appropriately to make sure they are going to good homes. You are responsible for them.

It is illegal to sell firearms unless you are a licensed dealer or an auction, so the sale of firearms is not permitted.

Those sellers posting: try to check your listings frequently to answer questions or interact with buyers. Interest goes in order of those stating want or asking a question. Tagging a person does not count as a the first person getting a item either. No skipping around bidding wars this isn't a Auction site!! Someone sending you a Private Message doesn't count either!!! Those buying: remember that people have jobs and other responsibilities and cannot sit in front of the computer 24/7. I have asked that people check as often s they can. If there are problems let me know.

PLEASE DELETE your posts when they are gone... posting "pending pick-up" (ppu) is fine as long as you remember to delete when it when its gone. Or let me know and I will delete it. If you post something as sold and I run across it, it will be deleted, though initially thats nice to let others know its gone. Don't post the same items over & over again BUMP that item! If we see this the multiple pics will get deleted.

Feel free to invite your friends (there is a button to the right) or those that dont mind coming into Willard to pick up. If you would like to meet at someplace other than Willard that is certainly okay. Just make sure both parties are willing and able.

Let's make this a fun group to buy, sell, trade, and make new friends along the way. Please remember we are all adults here and everyone deserves respect. We are a drama free site and want to keep it like that. Enjoy