HELP Kammalakkulamm school water initiative 2012

The Humans for Environment and Life Protection (HELP) is conducting a new project in Srilanka this year, the Kammalakkulamm school water initiative.

The objective of this project is to install a water system in a remote village called Kammalakkulamm, which is in the vicinity of the Anuradhapura Buddhist shrines, 224 Km North East of Colombo.

In addition to that, HELP will be distributing school packs for the children, containing story books, note books, drawing books, pastel sets, drawing boxes, pens and pencils, vital to their educational growth and personal enrichment.

Moreover, HELP will distribute balls for various sports to the school and the children, therefore promoting physical activity and a healthy life style.

And finally, HELP will also distribute traditional sarongs to the mothers, as they can not afford it, in order to showcase the importance that HELP gives to mothers, and the important role they play in a child's life.

The final stages of this initiative will take place from 17 to 21 July 2012, and the official inauguration of the water pipe will be on July the 18th.

Dr. Tarek Charaf, founder of HELP Worldwide and Mr. Asela Jayaweera, Director of HELP for South East Asia, will be present in Kammalakkulamm/Srilanka, for the final stage of the project.

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