Whovian Dating "Site"

A dating group for Doctor Who fans, anywhere through space and time.
Let us help you find your companion

Some simple rules we expect all members to follow;
• Members are to be 18+
• Please be mindful and respectful of your fellow Whovians. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion, if you want to have yours respected then please respect that of others.
• No fighting. We would like to keep this a fun and friendly group so please no needless arguing or fighting.. If you must then do it through private messanger
• No dirty or excessive foul language. We are all adults and with that comes the freedom of speaking how you wish, we all curse, but there is no reason to do so excessively.
• No harrasment. Please respect the space of your fellow Whovians.
• If a connection is made between 2 Whovians please let us know! This is a very exciting event and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that we will rejoice and celebrate your union!
** Violations of above rules will result in strikes- 3 and you are out.. Banned from the group. Admins have the right to issue strikes to individuals breaking rules or just being down right rude nasty or mean to fellow members. First warning will be issues with a comment on the material of concern, second strike will be issued by private message and the third will be the violating member being removed with no further explanation needed**

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to find your nearest Admin- Daniel Gibbs, Miranda Rosa, Lane Hunt, Christy Bass.- we will be happy to help :)

I hope you find this group to be Fantastic!