Tuscaloosa Area Garage Sale


This group is intended for the use of Tuscaloosa County, AL residents and surrounding areas. We try our best to verify that someone is a real profile and local before accepting them into the group.

By Using This Group, You Agree To These Guidelines.
Violators and posts are subject to banning and/or suspension without warning.Guidelines subject to change. We do not message you prior.

This group is for listing ''Garage Sale' Items such as Yard/Lawn Equipment, Dishes, Furniture, Appliances, Bedding, Drapery, Decor, Tools, Camping Gear, Vehicles, Outdoor Equipment, Electronics, Collectibles, Phone Accessories, Concert Tickets, Real Estate Listing, Rentals, Pets Lost/Found etc.

1. DO NOT post illegal items. Cribs included. (Crib policy is posted on the Baby group under the FILE tab).

2. No Drama of any kind. This includes but not limited to: bad mouthing admins or group, blocking the admins, rude comments, negative comments, no bidding wars, foul language, hi-jacking posts, etc.

3. Post in correct groups. We have 5 total: MAIN, CLOTHING, KIDS, BABY, and BUSINESS (crafts/handmade items/made to order). Anything not pertaining to buying, selling, trading, or lost/found will be deleted.

4. You may bump your post, but please be respectful to other posters. General rule is about 6 hours. If we have complaints, your post will be subject to deletion.

5. Posting links to other groups, outside websites, Facebook vote for me, ‘like’ contests, SPAM, 'like my page', like contests, or anything of the nature is NOT allowed.
*Posts pushed through from the Purple Cow network are from a safe and secure site. They are posted by us and/or our affiliates through the TAGS PC profile. You can trust clicking on that link.

6. Buy and Sell at your own risk. This is a BUYERS BEWARE MARKET. Admins are not responsible for any transactions good or bad. We reserve the right do what action we deem necessary. Admins are also not responsible for anyone’s price, item quality, or to whom they sell their item. It is their property, and they have all rights to it until rights have been transferred via the transaction.

~Remember, people respond to pictures, so it's best you post a pic in your listing. Also, if people have to ask for a price, they will likely overlook the listing all together. So, POST a price, even if it is a starting price and/or trade.

*~* To help keep ALL members safe, posts asking for Charity will not be allowed. If you find yourself in need, please contact LOVE INC at 205 614-2849.

~*~To be featured in one of our Featured Business Posts, please message this profile or Crystal Stewart Farley.