English learners club

English learners club:
For all those who want to improve their English skills comunication.
(We welcome all people who want to LEARN AND PRACTICE ENGLISH. Please ONLY invite people you KNOW are real. No fakes, no pretenders, no dating! Thanks~) (^_^)

you can add something if it has to do with English discussion topics;
ask something of interest to you as long as we can discuss in English;
post something that has to do with subjects we can talk about;
and just come to have fun and chat.

This is NOT a spam site or dating site...
- don't come here to promote yourself or other sites
- don't come here to spam the wall with fan pages, clothing, etc
- dont post with short word, coz it will detect as spam to
- don't come here just to flirt and try to find a bf/gf
- don't come here to ask people to add you or add other people for no reason; if you chat and people enjoy talking with you, you will become friends and can add each other as you like!

Please treat each other respectfully and be polite to others. Use English as much as possible. If you disrespect others or say something bad about other people's posts you will be removed.

Thank you! kiki emoticon