Jeddah Adventure Club

First of all, Marhaba (welcome). We’re glad you have signed up to Jeddah Adventure Club. The Jeddah Adventure Club (JAC) is a free club created to help ordinary folks living here to explore Saudi Arabia on their own, by providing information and a link to other interested people. The club also allows members to organize outdoor activities and invite members to join. JAC targets open minded, fit, activity oriented people.

The club is actually more like a group of friends rather than a formal organization. It's a way to meet other people here who like to do outdoors things. Just sign up, send the admin your contact details, and get chatting to people from the group while looking out for the next events you fancy.

When an event comes along that you want to be involved in, click ‘join’, send us an email with the necessary details, and make arrangements to meet the organisers to pay where a fee is involved. Once you email we will keep in touch through that means and keep you as updated as possible on the progress of the trip.

The kinds of events we usually do are:
• Camping
• Boat Trips
• Hiking
• Off-Roading
• Historical Tours (outside the city)
We are always keen to try new things and are open to suggestions.

There's no membership fee, it's just pay your own way as we go. If an activity costs something it will be clear from the beginning. We will usually request a 25 SAR sign-up fee in advance, which will be used to purchase equipment that will be available for the use of group members when on events (or when not being used for an event, can be borrowed for individual activities). This also helps us know who is really committed to an event when they sign up.

Usually on our hikes or camps we split the cost of the main food and gas. For some events such as boat trips a fee may be asked for in advance, that money is needed up front to ensure the event organizer isn't left shortchanged.

We also try to ensure that the event organizer’s costs are covered as a lot of time and effort goes in to planning these events, so it goes a small way towards saying thank you.

Anyone is welcome to plan an event but we do ask that you contact one of the admin first. This helps us to ensure there are no major clashes, and means we can offer you support in the planning and organization, gained from our experience of having run many events like this before.

JAC is not a social club so we limit official group events to outdoor activities. That said, we encourage members to make friends and do things on their own outside the club but ask that they do not use our name or post such events on our group page.

From time to time we may post / recommend events that we hear of from other groups. We do have connections with other people and groups and like to support some of the things others are doing. We also know that with some activities, there are people out there who are better equipped or trained to cater for certain activities.

At times we may ask them to come in and help us, to join with us, or we may just send you their way.

We would simply ask that if you are going to sign up to an event that you fully intend to go, and communicate with the people organizing. If something comes up and you genuinely can’t attend please inform the organizers immediately; however we cannot guarantee the return of any fee as we may not be able to fill your space. Members that do not follow this rule and fail to show up will be removed from the group, as there are limited spaces that could have gone to other people that would like to come.

If you want to invite someone to join the group, or if you want to sign up, you must ensure that the person involved has messages activated on their facebook account as we will always contact individuals to find out more about them before they join.

It also helps us if you have a photograph of yourself on your profile, and use your real name. If you have neither of these we will probably not even consider your request.

We may also ask to meet for a coffee or similar before we add you up. This is all part of our security procedure so please don’t be offended if we ask. We do it so you and our current members can feel safe as part of the group.

Once you have signed up we will send you an email requesting a few basic details to help us organize events more effectively. This information will be kept in strict confidence and will be used only by the admin of the group.

We ask members to limit posting on our group page to things that relate to outdoor activities and events, or to ask advice or assistance. Please do not post any photos or videos showing mixed groups or women, as we would like to respect the culture here.

We also ask members to limit the amount of photos they post on the page. Event photos should be shared directly with the people that joined the events and not posted publicly on the group page. We have a facility for doing this which you will be informed about on signing up to your first event.

Any posts that we feel do not follow these guidelines will be deleted without notice. If this persistently happens we may need to remove the members involved.

Our trips include off-road areas as well as areas near paved roads. We will try to help those without transportation to find rides with members with appropriate cars, as long as you let us know in plenty of advance that you wish to attend, however it really depends on how many people are going, how many cars we can find and how much space is available. By being an active member you will know more people and always have a ride.

Women are allowed to join trips but we have to be a little discrete due to the culture here. We usually ask any single female members to ride with a married couple or at least a (older) western male, as this is acceptable culturally and limits problems at checkpoints.

JAC is a place to make new friends while keeping busy with interesting activities. It is intended to be a safe place for people to explore the country and settle in here, so we strongly discourage members who’s motives seem more about finding a partner or hook-up, or those that are promoting a business.
We are a well mannered, open minded group of people of all ages and really don't want to be associated with people that go out of their way to act rude, childish, easily offended, or harassing. Members that show negative behavior will be removed from the club without notice.

Jeddah Adventure Club really has become a place where people, when they are willing to get involved, find good and lasting friendships, while exploring some of the special places hidden away in this unique country. We really look forward to meeting you and hope that you also find as much enjoyment as we have, during your stay in Saudi Arabia, whether that be 6 months or 6 years.