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Another poor performance compared to earlier standards but let's try to put it into perspective. Missed 3 of our best players, Donny organised and decent away record. Last minute personnel changes, right fullback (who is a centre half) playing on left, young debutant thrown in at deep end. We still got a creditable draw in my opinion. As for some "fans", I witnessed grown men, forty plus year old spitting bile and abuse from start to finish, "get up tunnel Wilson and tek them wi thi". "Rubbish, shite, crap". Again from beginning to end. Then the booing started again. Am I, with my "rose tinted specs" deluded in thinking that being a "supporter" actually means to support? Don't get me wrong, I don't enjoy watching below average performances and I get as frustrated as the next man/woman but please, somebody, put me out of my misery if I turn into one of those hate filled character assassins who can't see the wood for the trees. I'm nearly getting to the point where I dread going, nearly. Oh and for those berating the midfield for not tackling, did I just imagine Berry getting booked early doors for a cracking tackle?