NEA Singles


About this group: We are a SOCIAL group of awesome SINGLE people... who happen to be classy, adventurous folks in our 20’s, 30’, 40’s and Older who want to socialize with other classy fantastic folks – if you think you fit that criteria, read on and see if we are a group for you!!

So is this a SINGLES group? YES!! But not in the online dating sense... we are social people who want to do things with other single people... why be a third wheel with our married friends when we can have a social group all our own!

Are you:
• Tired of being a 3rd or 5th wheel with all your married friends? Are you tired of being the only single person with the folks you socialize with?
• Not really sure if you are ready for a relationship yet, but are curious about getting out and at least mingling – with no pressure - with OTHER single folks??
• Been single for a while and you DO want to find that special someone… someone real and looking for the same?
• Single parent looking to get out of the house and hang with adults in a kid friendly environment?
• Wanting to find a group of cool people you can hang out with away from work, church, or sports? Something that’s YOUR social group?
• Looking for other people in your age group who are in similar places in life…
• Looking for a SOCIAL environment - not just a DATING environment?
• Currently live in the Northeast Arkansas/Southeast Missouri Area.
If those are all things you are looking for – then come check us out.

Wait…you want to know what we do! Since the summer of 2014 we’ve done some of the following activities: Card Games, Karaoke, Dinners Out, Movies, Bowling, Trips to Nature Centers, Kid Friendly Events, Races, Live Bands, Chip and Dales, Church Events, Lunches on Sundays, College Football and more…we’re missing your ideas. The Idea is simple, if you have something you’d like to do, more than likely other people would too. Give an Admin the heads up and we’ll make an event for you. The only rule is EVERYONE has to be invited and WELCOME at the event.
I’m sure you get the point, we do TONS of cool things!! So come do some of those cool things with us... and bring your ideas with you, we are always looking for new adventures and new people so come on and join.