Evan Kirkham for Senior Class President

Oxford Mississippi is a special place. Housing one of America’s “Great Public Universities,” Oxford provides an environment strong in community, concentration, and courtesy. At Ole Miss every student is important and has something to offer to the greater student body. But what would this campus look like without our beloved seniors? Seniors are the anchor of campus life. After spending time exploring what we’re passionate about, we as Seniors are challenged to make our mark and exemplify what we love by bettering our organizations, pushing our potential, and challenging younger students to join in the fight. Here at Ole Miss the Senior Class Committee is responsible for branching out and bringing seniors of all backgrounds together to organize and vocalize our collective ambitions. This spring I am running for Senior Class President because I see the value in or Seniors and know that if we have a open communication between all areas of interest we are sure to accomplish great things. Spring in Oxford represents a time of growth and renewal. I hope to bring life to the Senior Class Committee and challenge the entire class of 2013 to grow the experience that is Ole Miss.
- My name is Evan Kirkham, and I am asking for your vote for Senior Class President on April 10th!