I remember the Angola Grandview Drive-in Theatre

The Grandview Drive-in was located on the east side of Route 5, at the intersection of Erie Road and Lake Street in Angola. Its opening movie on April 21, 1950 was "Oh, You Beautiful Doll" along with a cartoon.

It billed itself as "Western New York's Most Beautiful Drive-in" due to its manicured grass parking area and an impressive tilted screen tower, featuring the Greek faces of comedy and tragedy on the back side facing Route 5.

The tragedy would turn into reality when the Grandview did not reopen after the 2005 season, and it was eventually torn down in March 2009 for nefarious reasons which can only be speculated upon, but never fully understood.

A proposed Walmart on the site has not been approved, and may never be built, meaning that this wonderful entertainment venue may have been torn down for no reason whatsoever, denying an entire community of the outdoor movie experience.