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At this point in my life I need to have all my teeth pulled and dentures because I was in an accident when I was a teen ager. My nose was smashed and my teeth survived. It didn’t dawn on me that my teeth were not made of steel like the car I was in. no body told me that my teeth would fall apart no matter what I did to care for them. Now I am faced with a mouth full of teeth that decay from the inside out and break apart. I have spent 1000’s of dollars on rootcanals and cavaties that seem to come from no where. I have military insurance which does not cover dental and because of pre-existing conditions dental insurance would not cover any problems I have except emergency situations (which I have had several). Sorry to tell my story I wish it was happier. I have more details if you want to hear but my story is not the only one and we need help. The politicians have nothing to complain about. Thanks!