Troy University: STOP KONY

Okay guys. I hope you all have seen the video promoting the KONY 2012 campaign. If not, follow the link above. I am no one special, only a student just like yourself who sees this as an opportunity to make a difference in this world. I have followed this campaign for years. We, as a campus, as a Global University, can raise awareness. We have the power, and we must use it to our upmost ability.

Our plan: On the night of Friday, April 20th, 2012, we will cover the campus and the city of Troy with KONY 2012 posters. I know that not many people will be in town on Saturday, but we are asking everyone to stay just that weekend to make a difference. You can sacrifice one night of Friday partying/fun to impact this community and support the betterment of humanity. Any other suggestions, let me know.

I will purchase the posters myself, but if you feel the desire to contribute to the cause, please, let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I would love to set a table up outside of the TC or on the quad to raise money and awareness, either the week of the 20th or just that Friday. Once again, all this is still in the works, and I still need to get permission from administration.

In the mean time, feel free to visit:

and support the cause yourself. Become informed. This is something we can ALL agree on, no matter race, gender, religion, sexuality, socio-economic status, etc. We are fighting for humanity. Let your voice be heard.

Invite your friends to join.