El dorado springs Bid It!

Welcome to the El dorado springs Bid It! Facebook site.
This is an Open group, so please invite your friends and family! The
more the merrier!
We cannot be held liable for any products that are sold and/or bought on this site.
When you bid on an item, you are making a commitment to your ESBI reputation as a buyer or seller, and are held accountable by the people of this site, per your relationship with your seller or buyer.
All items are sold AS IS.
Anything and everything can be auctioned off except for ALL FIREARMS. However, Ammunition is still allowed to be SOLD. Bows and arrows are ALLOWED along with black powder re-loading items. Knives and Daggers may be sold. There will also be NO selling of FOOD out of your house or fresh MADE FOOD UNLESS it is gardening season and you have fresh produce. You may also post any home-based businesses or services you offer as non-bidding posts.You may also post any home-based businesses or services you offer as non-bidding posts.
1. You must post one picture of each item up for auction on the El dorado springs Bid It!website.
Multiple pictures of an item are confusing and cause multiple bids of the same item.
If multiple views need to be shown, please use photo software to connect photos together to create one photo, or you may create photo albums of your items or item, but please provide the appropriate information on each picture that is shown.
A picture without an explanation or information can be confusing and disorienting to buyers.
With each photo, describe the item, state the condition of the item (new, used, new with tags, smoke-free, animal-free, etc.), the starting bid, the auction end time, and the location of the item or pick up location.
A.) Bumping...You may bump your item one (1) time in the morning, one (1) time in the afternoon, one (1) time in the evening, and right before your auction ends. That time is up to you, either an hour before, half hour before, 5 mins before, whichever you decide works for you. Excessive bumping will result in a warning and then deletion from the site for two (2) days. If you receive another warning deletion from the group with result in one (1) week. Three (3) warnings and you are banned permanently.
2. Please choose either a 24 hour or 48 hour auction length time.
After your auction end time has ended, you will have 24 hours to provide the appropriate information to your seller on where and when you will meet to pick up the item.
A.) After your auction has ended you need to send a PM (Private Message) to the winner. Tag them in auction and then SEND PM. This is a must! Winners must be notified by PM due to the fact not everyone can see they have been tagged if they are checking from a phone. Tagging can be easily missed. If you have won a bid and have NOT heard from the seller check the 'OTHER' folder.
After 48 hours have passed, the item in question (including any comments, any additional bids, etc), will be DELETED.
We strongly advise you not to post your address or other personal information in the comment section of the item being sold or bought.
3. If you have decided a pick up location and time, and the 24 hour limit has not passed, please delete your item(s).
If your item does not sell, please delete it once the auction has ended. You may also re-list an item that doesn't sell.
Once an item has been listed for auction, please don't remove the item before the end time if a starting bid has been placed.
4. If you are putting something up for auction on this group, PLEASE DO NOT list it on another site.You can not put a link to another site on the page. Bidding will be in $.25 increments. There can only be ONE (1) BID PER LINE ONLY. Please do NOT comment on the listing and then put the bid at the end of the comment. That is confusing to everyone.
5. The last bid that is placed on an item before the time that the bid ends is the winning bid (for example, if a bid ends at 7 p.m., the last bid before the Facebook time of 7:00:59 p.m. would be the winner). Example your auction ends at 7 you have 59 seconds left to bid, once time clock stamp hits 701 auction is OVER!! (you can find out the exact time of a bid by hovering your mouse over the time at the bottom of the comment, under the bidders name).
It is up to the seller to determine who the winner of the bid is. Be fair.
6. Sellers - Please be courteous and promptly contact buyers. This means sending a private message to the buyer, just in case Facebook decides to fail. This is not the same thing as Tagging them in the comments feed of the post, you actually need to send a PRIVATE message if you cannot do so please Private Message an admin and we will address the issue at that time!
Buyers - Please be courteous and promptly meet and pay for items. Do not bid on an item unless you are absolutely sure you want it and can pay for it. DO NOT remove a bid once it is placed! If you see the auction has been edited with new information and it is no longer what you are looking for then please get a hold of an administrator and the seller. Undercutting bids will no longer be tolerated the sellers have put the starting price and that is the way it stands so please DO not send Private Messages asking for a lower price or for the item to be sold outright. We are all here to have fun and that is not fair to others. Thanks and Happy Bidding!
Please check baby items for recalls before posting them for sale on the site.
This is the golden rule. Treat others as you would want to be treated. If you believe you have been treated unfairly (which includes been banned, or otherwise), please contact the administrators.
---Any member of this site that is rude or disrespectful to administrators or members of the site will be banned for 72 hours (three days) from the time they were banned.
---Any member of this site that does not show up to a buy/sell location and time, twice, will be removed for 1 week from the time they were banned.
---Any member that chooses to take bids behind the backs of those bidding on an item (such as receiving and accepting personal bids through Facebook personal message system), will be banned for 1 week from the time they were banned.
---Any member that engages in inappropriate conversation, such as harassment, name calling, horseplay or other unprofessional conduct with other members or administrators, will be banned for 2 weeks from the time they were banned.
If you believe you have been unfairly banned please contact one of the administrators through Facebook personal message system:
List of the Admins are as follows:
Kristina Greene
Shorty Greene
is El dorado springs Bid It! not responsible for any items listed on this site.
We do not guarantee any items or sellers.
We do not make any profit from this site and can not guarantee that your items will sell or that the items you buy will be as stated in the post.
All transactions are purely between individuals who are members of this group.
The Administrators reserve the right to remove members who do not follow the above stated rules and/or abuse the page.
If you need help or have a question please contact one of the Administrators.