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Welcome to Bicycle Buy Swap & Sell - Australia

Having PAYPAL is a benefit to all.

Please post ONLY sales that are private. If you are from a bicycle shop, Don't tell us, just sell your stuff cheap!

REMOVE POSTS WHEN SOLD. This is simple. Don't post SOLD onto the post... just delete it.

We accept that quite a lot of riders work in bicycle shops and have access to cheap gear and that we can all benefit from these people selling this gear at quite highly reduced prices when they are ready to upgrade.

It is essential that you include the following items in your posts:

1. Price
2. Description
3. Contact information
4. Size
5. Location
6. Postage available?
7. Condition of item

Please be aware that all items on this page are to be considered USED and should be priced accordingly.

Items to keep off this page:

Industry posts
Hate speech
Items unrelated to cycling
Posts about fund raising.
Anything related to Lance Armstrong.

Whilst every care is taken to ensure everything on this page is in order from time to time things may slip thru the cracks. Please be mindful of this and please report to admin if you see anything suspicious. Admin are not responsible for actions of this pages members, any conditions of sales or anything related to the sale.

Please do not trash members for sale posts. While we expect in this world of cyclists that a little banter will go on, please keep it all good fun and never step out of line.

Items are available cheaply overseas so please consider this when posting your items online. In a world where everything is relevant, we do not wish to have an item sit on this page for months not selling when the item is being looked past due to the price being higher or the same as buying it new.

Admin reserve the right to remove ANYONE from this group for any reason. Don't test us.

Members are limited to Australia only.