I Grew Up in Tawas, Michigan!

THIS IS THE ORIGINAL!! *** If you grew up here, live here now, lived here for awhile, wished you lived here or are/were a frequent visitor to the Tawas area, this group's for you! ***

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PLEASE NOTE: I Grew Up in Tawas is intended to be an online location where you may connect with friends and other Tawas-minded people, share memories, photos, etc.

We have 4 rules here.

1. Notices of charitable events are acceptable. Advertising or promoting your business, band, yard sale, etc. is NOT acceptable and all such posts will be removed. Anyone who continues to make unacceptable posts will be removed from the membership.

2. Political posts and discussions are also not permitted on IGUIT. Any such conversations appearing on IGUIT will be removed, and should the member(s) persist, the member will be removed as well.

3. It is expected that members will refrain from using profanity or foul language. Any post with such language will be removed and the member *may* be deleted from the group. This INCLUDES acronyms, or initials that represent profane words or phrases.

4. As a security measure, if Admins are blocked from seeing your profile, you will not be granted membership here and/or will be removed from the group.

The Administrator of IGUIT reserves the right to remove posts that are in her opinion deemed objectionable or controversial in nature, and to ban from the group without notice the author/poster.

Thank you your understanding and for adhering to the (limited) policies of this Facebook page.

This group was established by Kate Anschuetz January 11, 2010.