Buy sell or swap langport/curry rivel/somerton

2. Bumping no more than twice in 24hrs.

3. No stolen or counterfit goods, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, swords, firearms, or any other replica items.

4. No business advertising or other sites etc. without prior consent off admin via a personal messge.

5. If your asked a question plz allow that person who asked the chance to take the item before offering to someone else, ideally around 10-15mins.

6. If adding more than 3 items plz put them into a named album with your facebook name.
(if adding via a mobile device plz no more than 5 posts at anytime)

7. Plz include in ur post a description of what it is your selling a price or the word 'offers'. Its optional if you choose to put a location (but from previous experience this does help buyers decide if interested).

8. No abusing other members at all or No commenting on other peoples posts to try and sell your items.