Occupy Washington Borough New Jersey


I) Consensus is reached when a 100%
vote is cast for or against a topic

II) Tasks will be assigned among the group
at each general assembly
A) Note keeper
B) Facilitator
1. Guides discussion and keeps it
on topic
2. Remains neutral on all topics
3. Divvies up speaking time and
prevents cross talking and
III) The meeting is split into three sections
A) Announcements
1. to discuss current
events Occupy related or non
2. to share relevant
statements, information, or
B) Proposals
1. to turn discussions of topics into a
notable language to vote into
2. to discuss and amend proposals
3. to officially vote and adopt or
drop policies or actions
C) Closing
1. to ask and answer questions
2. for Miscellaneous discussions
3. open air for comments and
IV) A GA must have a minimum of five
people to begin
V) Group must retain 75% of it's original attendees to continue to pass proposals.
VI) General assemblies are held every
Sunday at 2pm at the Borough Park
VII) A person will be asked to leave a OWB
event if they are deemed intoxicated or
and unruly as well
A) Being asked to leave will consist of 3
verbal warnings from 3 different people
B)The person in question has the right to
appeal being asked to leave.
IX) An appeal consists of a discussion of the
issue, followed by a call for consensus, with
the person in question and the facilitator
excluded from the consensus.
X) We have adopted the use of Occupy
Wall Street's hand gestures as a way to
communicate without speaking as to
avoid cross talk, and interruptions
XI) We adopted anti-sexist, anti-ageist,
anti-racist, and non-violent values
XII) Notes must match word for word and can not include anything but passed proposals.
XIII) To become an admin for Washington Borough facebook consensus must be reached with all admins
IX) Admins have no more power than anyone else, its a title, nothing more.
X) Note takers to upload notes to facebook under comments directly after G.A., and then have admin archive it in the about page
XI) A minimum of 3 admins at any given time. In order to be an admin you must have attended at least one physical G.A. meeting.
XII) 2/3 consensus via admin allows a post to be deleted.
XIII) Consensus via G.A.-100% excluding the person in question must be reached to delete a Facebook member
XIV) Emergency GA's may be called by anyone,
at any time, but require a minimum of 10
people to begin.
XV) At the start of each GA, the facilitator will
ask if any newcomers need any
clarification; if any is needed, the
will do so.
XVI)) We stand for LGBT equality
XVII) A Two Box Treasury system is
a)one box to be used as Treasury, and
one box to be used as deposits
b) Treasury can only be opened via
100% consensus
c) Treasury box must have two locks
and two keys per lock
d) Deposit box must have only one key
to be kept locked in the treasury box
e) Deposit box must be brought to every
f) Money from Treasury can only be
spent if 100% consensus is reached
-exact amount and reason for
spending must be decided by
g) Deposit box can only be opened to
check funds or transfer money to the
Treasury box
h) A task of key holder will be given to
four separate people
-one person cannot hold multiple
-key holder has no power
-keys cannot be duplicated
-if duties, keys or locks are
compromised, keys and locks will
be destroyed and replaced
i) Treasury to begin when physical box
system is established
j)Occupy Washington Boro is willing to
reimburse someone for buying two
safes for less than 60 dollars or one less
than 30 dollars
XVIII)Begin to form an online/physical free
a)Take existing free store website,
make it private until GA agrees on
layout of webpage and function
b) Begin collections to go to Chris
Leaning's big blue bin. No donated
materials to leave said bin until the
free store is running.
c) Inventory logged to be started as
soon as possible. Inventory log to be
kept in container housing free store

Peaceful Protest----Occupy Together World Wide.


Thank you: Sal's Pizza, CAP (Community Action Partnership), John Valentine, protesters, and supporters!

This is a call for communists, democrats, republicans, liberals, anarchists, conservatives, and socialists alike! Come together and occupy Washington Borough and Jersey City to show that the American public is not asleep, and we will not tolerate the amount of power corporations have in our political process.

Give the government back to the people.

We are 99% who are considered lower and lower-middle class standing against the 1% of the rich who run our country. May Majority rule!




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