Descendants of James Albert (Tab)Johnson, Melvina McCurry & Minerva Ritchie

Hello everyone. I created this group so we could share information about ourselves and our lives. I know there are many of us and we are scattered everywhere. Please feel free to post pictures and information about your families. Everyone in the group will get notifications when something new is added. Please, add anyone to the group that b elongs it in. I just ask that they be a direct decendants, we can all share info about our spouses and in-laws. This is a open group so anyone can view it. I'm hoping we can have fun with this. I also have a group "Decendants of Willie and Suzie Hall" With our crocked family tree some of will belong in both groups. LOL By the way, Alpha Johnson Hall Burke was my grandmother, my connection to the group. Thanks all, DeeDee
If anyone wants to add members and isn't sure how. In the right corner is a box - It says "Add friends to Group" Type in the person you want to add