Keep Fit The Healthy Way

This is a group of men n women with one aim. To stay fit not just by exercising but doing everything right. Eating the right food at the right time. (Here we try to get rid of junk). Eating the right quantity (this is where we control the portion). Drink adequate water and again at the right time. After we hv checked on what to eat we also do enough exercise. That way we are good to go.

We want to live fit, live long and of course healthy. Lets keep the fire burning. Be positive in all we do and avoid throwing stones like we see in many pages. If we keep the rules of this group am sure we will go far. Let's keep the page active by posting relevant stuff without abusing one another. Everybody is welcome to share your thoughts and suggest what can make this group sticking to its meaning. I hope we will all enjoy encouraging one another. Keep fit the healthy way guys. ANN