YOU ALL ARE VERY WARMLY & ESPECIALLY WELCOME TO THE MOST PROFICIENT & VERILE GROUP ON FACE BOOK.. ''JUST MINGLE'' is a group that is borne out of the sheer desire to derive the fullest pleasure of friendship, chats, relationship, and even affording everyone the opportunity to foster and groom new or fresh relationships, meet old time friends, create new friendship bonds with people from across the globe.
On this group everyone shall be free to post and make comments as long as such posts or comments do not in any way , manner or form, interfere with, humiliate, harass, or violate the rights and privileges of the person of another.
On this group we shall discuss variety of issues ranging from sex, relationships, marital affairs, sex life, singleness, career, family issues, jokes, chats, open discussions & forums, dating, and other general or sundry matters of general interest. Any one can ask any question or say anything on the group's walls for the general consumption of all by way of post and everyone or any one shall be free to add a comment or replies or remarks to such a post if they are interested to do so.
It shall be forbidden to use hate or foul languages at people. it shall not be allowed for people to bully, hate, or use abusive, hateful, disdainful, or damaging languages here.
Therefore, this group is not a platform to lunch out t unleash terror, neither it be use for the purpose promoting terror or coordinating crime.
We are a group of responsible persons who are out to explore and seek more ways to achieve or acquire more knowledge, get or make new friends, create fun and derive more pleasure on face book. Therefore, all members are encouraged to fully participate in the group without fear or favor.
There group shall have and maintain a central administrative office that oversees to the general well being of the group's daily affairs or activities. And shall also appoint a few other admins to support and assist in the task of keeping the group alive. PLEASE DO ENJOY YOUR STAY ON THE GROUP AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THE GROUP. PLEASE RECOMMEND US TO ALL.