Islamic Question and Answer Advice Group

Asalamu Aleikum wa Rahmathullahi wa Barkatahu

We ask you to bear in mind that this group is for asking questions related to the Islamic lifestyle, . So you're encouraged to share links, articles and news related to the islamic life style ore answering the questions of problems our Ummah is facin at these times.

When sharing articles please do give a description in English, so it wont be necessary to click the link in order to find out, what the article is about. Failing to give a description could result in your post being deleted without further notice.

ALL posts have to be in English. You can share Hadith ore Quran in Arabic IF you post a translation as well! Failing to do so and your post will be deleted without notice.

All Hadith or Quranic verses MUST have refence.
Any posts with Quran Vers ore Hadiths without af reference will be deleted without notice.

We wont aprove posts trying to gathers lots of Ameens, Mashallahs, Allahu Akbars And so.. Your are welcome to post a dua and making people type Ameen and so just dont ask for it. If you do we will consider it as spam and delete it!!

We wont aprove posts with Questions where you have puttet the answers up ass well making the members guess the answe.
This is Islam not a quiz show.

Do NOT advertise for sites, groups, products, pages, or anything else WITHOUT checking with an admin first if it is ok. We've experienced a LOT of advertisement, so we will be taking hard action against it. If your sole purpose of joining the group is to advertise, you will be banned without notice.

Multiple posts will be deleted without any warning, and spamming will lead to a permanent ban. (Posting things without the intention of discussing them can count as spamming).

At all times please comply with the directions given by the admins. Admins use the signature - //Admins Q&A - Anyone impersonating an admin of Q&A will be banned without further notice.

In accordance with islamic etiquette (adab) - no swearing, usage of abusive language and no name-calling will be tolerated in this group.

Posting Pictures of your self saying hi will be deleted and can lead to baning from the Group

Smileys and chat between Males and females will not be tolarated and people WILL be baned from the Group if we notice.
This is an islamic Group not a dating site Wa Authubillah.

Anymore Christians or Non Muslims found here bad mouthing/mocking Islam or our Prophet will be automatically removed from this group. This is NOT the group for inter religious debate, its a group solely for Muslims. If you like debating then please go to another group.

If you experience violations then please contact an admin. (see members -> admins)

May Allah bless you All