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** The Rules Of Heaven **

In order to post in here, you need to follow certain rules we've applied.

1: Talk English Only

2: Discrimination is not Tollerated

3: Hashtags ## are ALLOWED

*But keep it respectfull.

4: For sale ads,pages,groups trading offers and any form of advertisements are allowed if one of our administrators approved the advertisement.

*This also means for selling games,and other gaming related stuff

5: No excessive bitching about different consoles,or devices or you will be removed from the group

6: Video Streams & YOUTUBE&TWITCH posting;

*Only ONE video per day if it's your own channel, duplicate content will be deleted if posted twice or more in a single week, doing so may lead to bans if you ignore this.
If a identical video is posted by a different member this will count as a duplicate and the re-poster will be held responsible. Bumping a thread is acceptable if adding new relevant content.

7: Discussion of illegally downloaded games is stricly FORBIDDEN in this Community.

*Support the developers, buy the GAME

8: Porn and any other related material is NOT allowed in here

*This also means for SHARING naked pics from other sites directly to the Community.

9: If you members want to introduce yourselves, make sure you dont write HI Friends add me, it's annoying,

*Try to be specific and dont think this is addme friends community.

10: Blocking admins Isn't allowed, if you do you'll be banned, we CAN see if you've blocked us.

11: Dont post links about RECHARGING!! Or dont spam in comments for no reason.
If you still intent to post such things, you'll be banned from this Community without any warnings.

12: We dont allow CHEATS/TRAINERS in this Community, if we see someone posting such things they will immediatly get banned from this Community.

*** Other Information About Gamers Heaven **

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We hope you'll consider of following these simple rules of Gamers - Heaven.

* Need an admins help or want to report a post? *

See the members tab for a list of admins.
Click the drop down arrow in the top right corner of a post and hit report post, it helps us keep on tops of problematic/troublesome threads.

Best regards,

Administrators Of Gamers Heaven