Easley yard sale

Respect each other or be removed . Not being mean but we are grownups .
Please when posting an Item include the following: Price, Description of the item, Location of possible meet, and preferably a picture of the item! If it a a mobile phone please include the previous mentioned along with Memory Size, What it all comes with, and the Service provider. This makes everything easier for all involved and makes complaints to a minimum. ALSO THIS IS AN AS-IS PURCHASE. YOU BUY IT AS IS! YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO WALK AWAY FROM EVERY SALE IF IT IS NOT WHAT YOU EXPECTED! YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY IT IF IT IS LESS THAN DESCRIBED! JUST DON'T MAKE IT A HABIT OF MEETING PEOPLE AND WALKING AWAY FROM EVERY SALE. ANY PROBLEMS LET Deb Hudson, Michael S Reardon, or Tracy Danielle Thetford know and we will handle it accordingly. Please do not post a bad mouthing post about the person. It is childish and unneeded! We are all adults here and we want this to be fun and enjoyable for all!