Carstairs Swap and Buy

Welcome to Carstairs Swap and Buy Group. You are more than welcome to post a picture of items that are NOT located in Carstairs, but you have to be willing to deliver them to Carstairs to be able to post them in this group.
Please do NOT create your own albums as they will be deleted. Post a photo with description and price and those interested can leave a comment on the picture and you can contact them with your info through a private message. Give people time to reply before moving on to the next person if you have more then one response. please give a min of 12 hours before moving on to be fair.
If you want to post your item as a first come first serve basis, then it MUST say that on the description of the photo.
Please ensure that all items you are selling are cleaned and in good working order before listing.
Those posting items directly to the wall....5 items per day max. If adding photos to the wall in a group you must have description on price on each photo or they will be deleted. Duplicate photos within a 30 day span will be deleted. You may not delete your old photos are repost them every day just so they stay fresh at the top of the page. This is not fair to all those who follow the 30 day rules. Any ads that we notice doing this will be deleted, and if the member continues doing so they will be removed from the group.
When you add photos to an album you MAY comment on the album to bump the whole album to the wall. You MAY NOT comment on your own photos to bump them up the wall. Bumping of photos is NOT allowed on this site all photos that are bumped will be deleted. Continued bumping by any one member will result in that member being deleted and banned from the group.
If you are wanting to reduce the amount of the item you are selling then you can comment one the photo stating that the price has been reduced to ($). It can be done once a week max. Any photos that are not following this rule will be deleted without notice.
Remember to delete your pictures after the item has been sold. All photos older then 30 days will be deleted.
Another thing is all LOCAL (which means in mountain view county) business ads are only allowed to post one ad every 30 days. They must be posted in the business album, if posted to the wall they will be deleted. The ad will stay in the business folder for the year, you can comment on the photo once a month to get it onto the wall. Anymore then that it is deleted without warning.If you have an upcoming event, sale or online party etc. you are welcome to post that in the upcoming events folder any posted to wall will be deleted. NO car seats are to be sold on this site. NO Firearms, bows or air guns to be sold on this site.

MOST IMPORTANT RULE: Please be respectful and kind to others. Any members that are found to be rude to anyone or leave rude comments on photos etc...will be removed from the group.

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