Glendora Orioles

A street hockey team and member of the Park Hockey League, the Glendora Orioles are Glendora's hometown team, and represent all of Gloucester Township in every game they play. The Airwaves were named the first champions of the Park Hockey League after a successful 10-6 regular season and 4-1 playoff finish taking the Darius Deshields Cup Championship in five games.

Team Logo- Oriole
Team Colors- Black, Orange
Hometown- Glendora, NJ
Home Rink- Lake Land Hockey Rink Blackwood, NJ
League- Park Hockey League est. 2011
Former Teams- Glendora Gladiators 2002-2008
Team Website-

General Manager-
Kyle Gould

Head Coach-
Kyle Gould

Nat Acchione, Ant Calabrese, Jerry Sulzer, Frank Raggio, Mike Calabrese, Terry Juliano, Mike Bartorelli, Ed Delesandro, Nick Lang, Chalie Hall, Alex Baron, JC Duplessis

Season 1 Stats
Wins- 10
Losses- 6
Playoff Wins- 4
Playoff Losses- 1

Season 2 Stats
Wins- 1
Losses- 6
Playoff Wins- 0
Playoff Losses- 0

Team Awards and Championships
Season 1 Regular Season Champions
Season 1 Darius Deshields Cup Champions

Individual Awards
Season 1 Ed Delesandro Playoff MVP
Season 1 Ant Calabrese Team MVP
Season 1 Nat Acchione Top Goal Scorer
Season 1 Nat Acchione Top Point Leader
Season 1 Kyle Gould Coach of the Year