Coins, Bullion, Exonumia And Antiques Buy Sell Trade

This group will be a little different than some of the others because it will allow a wide variety of items to be listed, read on to learn more.

I want to keep this a nice place with minor moderation needed, post anything you'd like related to coins, stamps, exomunia, bullion, antiques. Pretty much anything with the same general audience is allowed, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or problems with anyone!

When Selling

1. Please provide shipping cost and the payment methods you accept.

2. After your item has sold and you and your buyer have exchanged info please delete your post so we can keep the page clear.

3. Please provide photos of the ACTUAL item in your possession you are selling, each post is also allowed a stock photo as long as they provide photos of the actual item as well and the stock photo must be the exact same (for instance of you are selling a 2014 eagle then the stock photo must be a 2014 eagle) and please disclose that you are using a stock photo in your post.

Everyone be respectful and have fun!

NOTES: If you would like to promote another Facebook group or website you must do so in a comment under the appropriate post I have for this purpose, if you simply post to the group it will be deleted.

if you would like to leave feedback for a member please so so in a comment under the appropriate post I have for this reason, if you post straight to the group it will be moved to appropriate place and deleted.

I will do my best to keep things running smoothly but we will NOT be held responsible for anything that goes wrong so be careful with your metal and your money!