Relax Asia International Travel Group

Relax Asia, a subsidiary of the APEX Japan Travel Group was specifically established to open its doors to the non-Japanese market in an effort to be able to share with our clients the most authentic Asian tour experience possible.

Gathering a team of different multi-lingual and multi-faceted International Destination Managers, Relax Asia created a multi-branch network channel that connects various countries namely Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, China, Myanmar, Laos, Mongolia, Hong Kong and India.
Through this channel, we are able to give you endless possibilities of travel options plus offer you customer and travel support with our branch offices in each destination.

Relax Asia aims to provide you with cultural tours and excursions that reveal the true character and hidden charm of this continent.
With the teams’ expertise on the various destinations, we deliver an exciting cultural immersion and experience that will give you the most memorable journeys here in Asia. Discover the stories, reveal the legend and uncover ancient traditions as you travel your way from one destination to the other.

Relax Asia offers a new approach in providing you with your travel needs. We give you professional services whilst adding a personal touch to your itineraries allowing you to enjoy hassle free travels that lead to a relaxing experience.