FURever Friends

Welcome to FURever Friends your local rescue group. FURever Friends is dedicated and committed to saving the lives of the animals from our local and surrounding shelters and helping the community to the best of our ability. The animals taken into our program are kept in loving caring foster homes. Currently we operate off of donations from our wonderful supporters and members. We have adoption fairs, bake, craft and garage sales to help with our vet bills. Our hearts a big here at FURever Friends and believe that every life is worth saving. We have saved hundreds of animals in the past 3 years many with parvo, kidney failure, heartworms, abused and other illnesses. The animals in our program get vetted by Wheatland Animal Clinic, Animal Care of Enid and The Cat Clinic. Your donations can be made to any of these facilities as well as The Bank of Kremlin, Go Fund Me, Paypal or at our office location 902 W Broadway.

Guidelines and other important info when posting on this page:
* We do not allow selling of animals on this page. The fee you post must be for vet care provided to the animal. No breeders are allowed to post on this page.
*Found/Lost animals can be posted on this page as well. Please remember keeping a found dog is illegal. You must do the following when finding an animal: Contact the Enid Animal Shelter 580-249-4910 1200 S 10th Street Enid, The guidelines can be found on the City of Enid website. Place a found ad (free) in the Enid News & Eagle 580-233-6600. After 5 days and following these steps you can rehome the animal.
*If you have lost a animal please go visit your local shelter do not call, no one knows your pet like you do.
* Please spay and neuter to help the overpopulation of animals.
* Rehoming: Please when you rehome your dog check the people out get names, phone numbers, address and references and even a vet reference. Don't just give them away.
*FURever Friends has other pages as well, Please join! FURever Friends Rover Alert, I Need A FURever Home and FURever Friends Help Save A Life Sale Site.
* Enid Animal Shelter Facebook page is: Adopt a Pet (Enid Animal Shelter)
Administrators: Kimberli Groom, Gail Sims, Melba Evans, Allison Edwards, Julie Carpenter, Shelby Johnson and Jennifer Davis. Phone number is 580.554.4900 or 580.540.4217 please allow some time to return your calls.
Thank you for being a part of our group!