in loving memory of willard fitzgerald && ella fitzgerald

in febuary we lost the most lovingfull women! her name was ella fitzgeral! she was full of laughter and she always had faith and a huge smile:) she would put everyone before herself thats what everyone of us all loved msot about her! she had 10 grandchildren but considered some other kids as her grandchildren too! i could name almost everyone of them:) she loved her dogs i could deffinatley say that! she had to put one of her dogs down but she had just enough strength to get another dog and give it the same name:) that dog is still wealthy and alive today! we take good care of shadow! my great granny ella passed in her own home, in her own bed. which is what she would have wanted:) ??? she suffered but now she does not suffer! she is living in luxery and living with our father, our savior, our creator, our one and only JESUS CHRIST! :) i say fly high my dearest granmaw ella? NOW as of OCTOBER 20th, 2012. Willard Fitzgerald passed away he had also passed away in his own home, his own bed, just as he would have wanted:) ? ? ? . he was my Ella's husband. they was such a great married couple! they both loved going to church and singing and talking to their loved ones and their friends phone or no phone they managed it:) my papaw willard fitzgerald sufferd many heart attacks but i started going to church and we worshiped at this church i called "EPIC" "first assembly of god" (i loved this church) when we worshiped one night as they was up there singing and worshipping god by singing i threw both my hands up and closed my eyes told god i loved him and to take care of my papaw wilalrd while he was in the hospital and help him get better and help him get through it all and guide him through it and be with him through this hard and tough battle that he fights and for whatever awaits ahead of him for god to stand by him through it the whole way and never elave his side! and i said my last word before___ in gods name i pray amen then i went to ground on my knees crying as i felt many hands touch my back and then hear them praying over top of me while i layed there crying on floor while everyone sang and worshipped (as pastor Andrew did say to get down if we wanted to have people pray for us and let god into our lifes) and oh my i sure did let god into my life! ? when i had the strength to get up and worship again and sing with the worship band i looked up to see 3 of my friends and a group leader that was praying over top of me and crying with me the one person i never knew would be there for me was there for me crying with me and my bestfriend cryed and hugged me cause she felt the pain i felt! and that next day i told my MeMe *ora kern* that i had done that! and what had happened! and she told me some great news!! she said MY PAPAW WILLARD WAS COMMING HOME THAT HE HAD GOTTEN BETTER! well when he arrived i would check on him everyday even when i was grounded i would sneak down there and check on him to make sure he was okay id either find him on the computer in his bedroom or in his chair:) boy did his love to sing some old music! i hated the music he listened to but boyy did i sure sing with him? yes i did:) ? and we would talk for like 30 minutes before my cousin *maryanne helena ortega* came looking for me yelling sayen "GET HOME YOU KNOW YOUR GROUNDED MISSY! WHY YOU SNEAKING DOWN HERE WITHOUT TELLING YOUR MOTHER?! HUH!" i would always reply "im checking on my papaw willard!!!" (with a huge smile or a seriouse look *sometimes*) but then i stopped going to church.. and i would continue to pray for my papaw willard to keep him wealthy , make sure hes alright and make sure Gods still standen by his side like i asked.. ! :) but then on october 20th i was on way to baby shower and i was haven a great time with my aunt coney cousin jess and some others! and got the news from my mom she hung up the phone *it was your papaw* i said what ?? she said *papaw willard just passed away* it got quiet.. i wouldnt talk there for a little but i tryed to stay happy for i was at my aunt mar mar's baby shower!! didnt want her to be sad that i was down in the dumps ! but i did want to be with my papaw Mark Fitzgerald the whole time we was there i wanted to make sure he was alright and i wanted to comfort him in our loss and his loss of his dad!!! since he was the one living with him and seen him msot and spent alot of time with him! though mike, marshall, and marty, and others did see him sometimes and call him ALOTT !! papaw mark was there for him alotttt.. and so was my meme *ora kern* when we left baby shower i went straight over to there house cause i bugged my mother * carol metts* to go over there right away so i could make sure he was alright when i walked in .. he was going through my granny ella's pictures and my papaw willards pictures sitten in my granny ella's chair.. and Ethan well , Ethan *my uncle thats like 7 lol* (papaw marks son) he was not sad he was haven fun looking at pictures and going through them with my papaw mark! my meme ora was layen on couch watchen movie and slitley cryen.. (day of my papaw willards death) and i went over to her and layed my head on her legs and almsot cryed but held my head up and smiled because that is what my papaw willard fitzgerald would want!:) ? well after we elft there i went to my uncle chris's (chris fitzgerald*Marks son*) and we talked some and i just went over there to check on him to make sure he was alright.. we stayed there till like 1a.m. then once i knew he was alright i had my mom take me home and she left to go be with my uncle chris some more and laura too! plus the kids! lol and i believe jordaan stayed the night (my brother *carol metts son* ~Jordaan Metts~) well i got on my facebook to post about my papaw willard to let everyone know that he was gone *ones that maybe didnt know* and to see if and which of my friends would be there for me thorugh this hard time of lossing my great papaw willard! and well i found out that i only had a few friend there for me (*and those are the ones i have added to this page*) im going namethem *timothy A. simpson!, kelli leih-Ann, Autumm Rader, Amber Crutchfield,Samantha Marie Ousley, Makayla Jean Morrow, Makenzie R. Morrow,&& Adrieanne<(cant be added) and alot of my family was there for me! but come monday i woke up and heard that my mother *carold metts* had woken up and tryed getting ready to go take care of my papaw but she realized that she couldnt because he was gone and in a better place now! and so she went back to bed.. well i didnt go to school i was to sad! and come 4 p.m october 22, 2012. it was time for visitations.. i walked right up to casket and saw how good my papaw looked! layen there so peacfully! and i grabbed his hand (well layed mine on his ) and told him about all the good memories me and him shared and then said im going to miss him and kissed him on forhead.. ! i didnt care that i was kissen a body that was not alive i was still kissing my handsom grandpaw! :) ? and i had fun getting to spend time with family i rarely see anymore! and now i can cherish every moment that me , britt kincaid, her lil sis, christian kincaid, cameron fitzgerald, ethan fitzgerald, sug (mark tyler), david, dyllan, soso(sophia), and many more of my cousins (sorry if you read this and i didnt say your name) but we all had good times playen outside with all the "BAD LUCK LADY BUGS:(" and we palyed tag moving from one bench to the other bench that was like 10 feet apart lol! we took alott of pictures:) me and britt, cameron , skyy, and ethan was in drinking room and well i was maken coffee and decideed well ima put alotta suger cause i couldnt taste it well britt goes stirr it with a spoon maybe that will help instead of that skinny straw.. and it was veryyyy sugaryy i was on a sugar rush all day till i had too say goodbye at like 930p.m. that night o papaw willard and let him rest in his casket.. but me and britt was talking and said to him "we wish we could get in there and cuddle with you all ngiht long so you dont have to be lonely and cold :( " then i asked meme *ora kern * if i could she said no hes not really there.. i said okay :'( got upset because she said that.. but i knew he wasnt hes in heaven now.. liven his life to the fullest. with granny ella(: well i woke up today at 10:30a.m. got on facebook posted "soo not ready to see them put my papaw willard in his finnaly resting palce today R.I.P WILALRD FITZGERALD i love and miss you? " well i got ready and whipped away some last tears *thought i wouldnt cry at funeraul(i stand auto corrected)* and looked at some of his pictures talked to one of my friedns about my papaw willard one last time! and as we drove to "the sunset memorial" i rolled down my window to look at sky and smiled looking at how beautifull it was today noticen that my papaw was going to have his last ride in the most beautiful weather! and as we arrived i jumped out! just as we aprked not worrien about grabbing anything i walked up to evelyn fitzgerald(uncle leslie fitzgerald's wife) and she said i looked beautiful i smiled.. i walked in the doors of the funeraul home at sunset memorial and looked at my brother (not sure if he was ready for this because he seemed to be holden his tears back and i could tell)! well i walked in where my papaw willard alay in his beautiful handsom cakset and was about to walk up to it but didnt i was afraid i too ka seat then caught my breath and as i seen my papaw mark cryen i walked up there put my hand on his back and moved to the side taken my hand off and almsot cryen but fighten the tears! sayen i love you papaw willard silently as i heard someone say "are you alright?" i turned to see evelyn! i said "yeah" almsot cryen again but i stepped back and walked away as the seremoney began, i was able to hear some great stories about my papaw willard that i would ahve never known till this day! and then we sung the msot amazing song ever *was ment to be sung to my papaw willard* it was called "The Last Mile Of The Way" by"johnson oatman jr. then we heard some mroe stories and sung another song as the guy standen up at the front that sung said listen to the lyrics (oh my way they some beautiful strong and powerful lyrics) it was "Home Of The Soul by" james rowe and samuel w. beazley" and we bow our heads and pray ! as they ended the ceromony i walked up there cryen my eyes out sayen bye to my papaw willard again before they closed the casket and sent him on his last ride i kissed him for 10 seconds on his forhead!? but i heard my papaw mark cryen loudley so i walked over patted him on back gave him a little rub and said im sorry:( and started cryen again but i wanted to make sure my papaw willard got my goodbye and walked back over and gave him antoher kiss on forhead and said goodbye and rubbed his hand and a tear fell on his forhead i didnt whipe it off of him though.. i thought he should keep that tear! as i walked off i hugged ethan (he was very close to papaw willard) and then hugged cameron fitzgerald so tight held him ni my arms cryed with him and rubbed his back said in his ear everything will be alright! hes in a better palce now! and i walked off and sat in a chair in the very back and put my head on the wall and cryed then got up and walked outside because it was time to see him get put in for his alst ride! ??? and as i walked out i cryed even harder and louder! and as i got louder i walked out faster and when i was outside i put my head on wall and cryed loud and hard and my uncle randall metts came over and held me ni his arms telling me its alright to stay calm and not worrie about papaw that hes not suffering anymore.. i say god needed a hero! and cryed harder! as i stoped cryen we watched my papaw be put in the *thing*(lol) for his alst ride and i rushed to the truck rolled my window down and we made sure they went slow for his last ride! we prayed one last time for my papaw willard! then ended the ceromony and took flowers we didnt keep the flowers (not all of them atleast) we layed them on his casket! since he was in airforce and army and had gone to iraq for war and everything he had the "ARMY" type of funeraul(: we all rubbed his casket and left as we did go to his house later when we left we ate had fun and so much more! me brit, cameron,ethan,sug,skyy,makayla,leonna,david,dyllan,christian,jordaan! (otherkids) (: had funn we did our thing boys played football some of the kids includen me britt skyy david cameron ethan and sug all made a leaf pile as tale as our fence and jumped in it! diven and everything:) just haven a greattime.. then we had to do a really hard thing that i didnt want to do.. :/ and that was take stuff that didnt belong to us it was stuff that belonged to my papaw and granny ! (ella and willard) we did get some great stuff but i just feel as if it was wrong.. but i know they would have wanted us to ahve some of their stuff in remberance of them:) but my papaw and granny was great people! they was full of joy! they loveed their god! and they always had faith in everything no matter what:) ? my appaw wilalrd is now in heaven taken good care of granny ella and he is up there where he dont suffer from anything where he is a wealthy man and can walk, or fly :) . Also him and granny ella is smilen big on all of us and watchen over us i just know it and im sure we all know it! we all miss them and love them! they will always be with us forever and always in our hearts we will keep them there and never let them go nor let anyone take there place in our hearts! come october 20th 2012 ella fitzgerald and willard fitzgerald was reunited again after being separated through willard haven to loose his wife! but now their once together again and one day we all may see them again! fly high and watch over us all for each and everyone of us:) ? R.I.P. ella fitzgerald and wilalrd fitzgerald! (wife and husband)