The Ashbury Families in South Africa

A certain Paul Ashbury, from Ireland, initiated an Ashbury Family Tree, by corresponding to members of the Ashbury Family in SA, during the mid 90's. Members, such as my Aunt Iris Smit (néé Ashbury), my brother Thomas and I were those that he corresponded with. From what l can recall, is that within this Family Tree, he gave us details of our ancestors. According to his layout, a Jack Ashbury came to South Africa during the Anglo Boer War, probably in 1899 or 1900 join the gold-diggers in Johannesburg. He surmised that this Jack Ashbury is more than likely our great-grandfather. I stand corrected, but our late grandfather, Thomas Charles Ashbury was born in the Malmesbury District on this day, 27 April 1901. Our grandmother, to whom he got married to probably in 1929 or 1930, was known as, (and I hope I get the order correct), Elizabeth, Barbara, Charlotte Ashbury (néé Bolton), born in Windhoek, on 16 November 1900. She was also affectionately known by the name of Alice by her immediate family (siblings, cousins and nieces). She sadly passed on, on 19 September 1985, just short of her 85th birthday, after surviving a bad stroke that she sustained on 26 December 1983. From their marriage were born the following children: 1. Neville Thomas Ashbury (Born: 08 December 1931 - Died: 31 October 1989).
2. Leonard Ashbury (Born: 02 August 1934 - Died: 21 February 2008).
3. Iris Ashbury (Born: 24 February 1936). My father was Leonard Ashbury and he married Magdalena Johanna Haasbroek (Born: 05 December 1938) on 07 February 1959. From their marriage were born the following children: 1. Lionel Ashbury (Born: 28 February 1960).
2. Deborah Charlaine Ashbury (Born: 18 March 1964).
3. Thomas Benjamin Ashbury (Born: 05 May 1968). And that's where we fit in. I now leave it up to my Aunt Iris, siblings, cousins, nephews and nieces to add their information or to correct where l might have erred. Thank you in advance and anticipation for your contributions.