The World Wide Pirate Community is a group created to allow pirates around the world to converse with one another and share experiences, event dates and locations, wares and talents. Forth coming in this space will be presented this CREW's Articles.

HEAR YE HEAR YE ... be it known that the followin 2 paragraphs are now struck from the articles ... there be no need to be an admin to add pirates to this group ... if ye are and admin and don't want to be just look up ye's mug and click the gear and ye should be able to revert to a lowly deck hand crew member ... if ye can't work it ask a fellow pirate to do the deed for ye ... that is all ... as ye were ...

***Fer now be it known that all who are here are administrators and it is asked that if ye add a pirate that ye make them an administrator as well.

Thus they be able to add other pirates and the crew should grow expodentially and yes I spelled that wrong ... after all I be a pirate ye knows ... but me thinks ye gets me drift ... the other thing about all of us being administrators/captn's on this crew we all share equally the power and the booty ... Huzzarr

Honorably yours,
Captn Angelo Jones OP (originating pirate), pirate, juggler, scurvy ferret, rock whisperer, bubble/orb artist and all round dangerous entertainer

p.s. It be asked that ALL who enter into and agree to this group treat others as you would treat ye self ... that is all ...