The Oxford Guild Business Society

The illustrious award winning Oxford Guild has been both Oxford University’s and the UK’s largest and oldest student business society for decades since 1897. As Oxford's leading business society we are more than just a student society. It is free to join and being a member enables you to attend receive weekly updates about our events (we run over 80 a year and have over 30 sponsors) and gives you entry to them as well as to our legendary socials. If you are interested in attending our legendary events and socials, finding out more about different career options from some of the world's largest companies, or hearing from inspirational speakers then join today at

We would be delighted to see you at one of our exciting events in the future. Joining is one of the best decisions you'll make at Oxford and is completely FREE so visit NOW!

The Society has always been associated with a range of commercial organisations from investment banks to industrial firms; and we are keen to continue to move forward the Society on these foundations. Our aim is to ‘equip our members with the knowledge, transferrable skills, and networking opportunities needed to develop successful careers in their chosen area of the business world’. Our values stress that we work for our members and we will strive to achieve this aim.
By establishing links with different commercial firms, both large and small, the Society aims to provide information about key firms and contacts within sectors to those interested in entering a variety of high-powered fields.

We have a unique platform and offer a scope that is unprecedented in Oxford. We are proud to be a society which gives undergraduates and postgraduates of all disciplines a forum for financial discussion and a link to the financial world outside Oxford. We provide a springboard for our members’ future careers in the business area of their choice, be that in the banking, accounting, insurance, consulting, technology or industry.