Busselton and Surrounds Buy and Sell Pets and Accessories

A group for anything and everything to do with pets or livestock. Sell, buy, free or advice.. Advertise lost and found pets. Kittens puppies and rabbits must be eight weeks old before they can be given away or sold. They may be advertised earlier but must state ready at the date of eight weeks or later. Guinea pigs need to be 5 weeks before rehoming.
Members may only advertise one litter of kittens or puppies per year.
If you BLOCK an ADMIN you will be deleted from the group.
Phone numbers are not allowed to be publically posted, this is to be done by private message.
all kittens and puppies must be microchipped or come with a microchipping voucher.
when advertising of your pets please add all information ( age, gender, vaccinations, vet checks, worming and microchipping and also add the price of the pet )
if you publicly abuse someone for re-homing breeding or selling a pet you will be instantly banned.
there is to be no negative comments toward anyone, and swearing is not tolerated on this page.
if you have any problems or you see any rules broken on this page please report to and admin, admins are ( Tammy Walsh, Megan Sinclair, Cassie Goodchild )