Plainview, Nebraska Exchange

As of 11-29-14 there will no longer be any weight loss products allowed to be advertised on here. No Thrive, no Plexus, NONE! If you are advertising a craft show you may post it then only bump the post OR delete the first post then post it again ONCE A WEEK! This page is getting overrun with these ads and it is becoming ridiculous. This may change if everyone can follow these rules. I've gotten to many complaints about it. Businesses: direct sales, home based or commercial, you may post your business then follow the same rules, delete the original post to post again OR just bump the post. Thank you.
*no adult party ads allowed

How to delete/find your post without scrolling (can be done on computer only, not on a phone):
On the right side of the group, you will find a rectangular box that says "Search this group" with a magnifying glass next to it. Put your name in that box, click on the magnifying glass and it will bring up your posts (and possibly others that you've commented on). You can then delete by clicking on the light colored 'v' in the upper right corner of each post. Please do this and delete your old posts and anything that you've sold. Thank you!