St. Francisville BSA Troop 258

URGENT: Please remember that there is a merit badge university TOMORROW (14Feb2015) @ USI in Evansville, Indiana. I will be leaving the church where we meet @ 6 A.M. and NO LATER. I will not be making any stops between St. Francisville and Evansville, so please eat a breakfast of some sort and utilize the latrine as needed before coming to the church. Lunches will not be provided, so bring a sack lunch or small cooler. Registration begins @ 7:15 A.M. and ends at 7:45 A.M. Classes will begin promptly @ 8 A.M. and dismiss around 3 P.M. On the way home, I MIGHT stop for a pizza on me, as long as everyone did the right things for the day. Doing the right things include, but are in no way limited to 1. showing up at the church ON TIME, 2. wearing your scout shirts, 3. demonstrating proper scout spirit throughout the day (having one of your counselors get to know me on a first name basis is a bad start).