Fundraiser for Ashlynn

I write this post with a heavy heart... this is from baby Ashlynn's daddy. " Ashland went to heaven today, she fought so hard. she needed a break and now she's with God. Please remember her as the happy, joyful, strong and fun loving baby that she is. I didn't want to post anything but I feel that I owe it to you all. you guys who support and love us deserve to be informed. don't try to understand everything, but just thank God for every moment. do something extra kind for one of your loved ones today. and remember God is still good all the time. WE LOVE YOU ASHLYNN.... words aren't enough" I have been trying sense yesterday to think of what to put on here for david and amy... but i could not think of any words that seemed to give the respect baby Ashlynn deserved. all i could come up with was I'm sorry... i wont even pretend to know what your going through... just know my heart hurts for you both. ill be praying for you Bush