Illinois Birding Network

A place for Illinois birders to share sightings, pictures, videos, good birding locations, etc. This group is open to birders and birdwatchers of all skill levels, so please be polite and helpful to one another.

Posting guidelines

-No flaming of other members (posting messages that are deliberately defamatory or hostile).

-Please keep content relevant to birding in Illinois.

-If you're going to upload more than one photo at a time, please do so in an album.

-When posting a photo, please give location and date as well as what species you think it might be and why.

-When helping someone ID a photo, please don't simply say what it is. Rather, help the photographer arrive at the answer on his/her own with clues and hints.

The idea is for everyone to learn something from each discussion and to become a better birder, not just to tag a name to every photo posted. When someone posts a photo and asks nothing more than, "What is this?", rather than simply stating the answer, it's much more constructive to reply by asking, "What do you think it is, and why?" That fosters learning and intellectual curiosity. It also teaches "how to fish", rather than catching the fish and handing it over. By the same token, if you're posting a photo and would like help with identifying it, please say what you think it might be, and explain why. Don't just post, "What is this?" There's no need to be embarrassed if you end up being wrong. That's how we all learn, and if anyone makes fun of you, s/he has no business belonging to this group.