Oxenford Pony Club

Oxenford Pony Club was started in 1974 with the founding members being Mrs Mary Todd and Mr Colin Meagher. Although the club started at its present location, the grounds have been improved greatly. Through the support from the local council, (Ivan Gibbs and Russ Hinze) the large drains that are now running through the centre of the grounds were installed which greatly improved the drainage and usage of the grounds. More land was acquired and with the help once again from Ivan Gibbs, our current clubhouse was built.

Our club caters for riders that participate in all disciplines, from beginners to experienced, with age groups from young to old.

Club riders compete at a wide range of events varying from local PCAQ events, through to state and national levels.

We have now moved to the new grounds at Charlie Crossing with the completion of the clubhouse and the storage shed to fit all our new equipment. The new 30mx70m arena has now been built with great fencing. We also have 16 day yards and a 20m round yard and 2 wash bays next to it.